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Women should use these apps to take care of their health

News Track 2019-12-03 10:08:00

Women are unable to pay attention to their food and health due to daily home and family care. That is why technology has changed so much that women will be able to take care of their health while taking care of their families. There are many such apps in Android phones these days, which have been made keeping in mind the health and personal problems of women, which will keep their health as well as their personal problems, which they cannot share with anyone.

This is a virtual counseling platform where women can talk to professionals about their sex and personal problems. Sheroes, a job portal site created for women, was recently acquired by it. The company recently launched the world's first Snapchat channel that advises teenagers who are in abusive relationships.

This app created by a recognized social health activist, Asha), tells videos of married village women about their contraceptive options through video. The number of women using Morden family planning methods has increased.

Apart from tracking period, fertility and ovulation, this app monitors your mood, medications and even the days when you are intimate with your partner.

This app has a lot of services for women and children and the aim is to be a healthy companion for the whole family. It provides care for children.

This app helps women to keep an eye on their circle. The more data Ladies puts into the app, and the more she uses the app, the more this app becomes useful.