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These people should not consume ginger, it will cause harm like poison

News Track 2019-12-03 10:15:00

Apart from keeping the body warm, ginger is very beneficial in cold, cough, sore throat troubles. But do you know that ginger consumption is harmful to some people. This can be dangerous for some people. In this news, we will tell you about which people ginger can be dangerous, and why they should not use ginger.

During pregnancy, you shouldstay awayfrom ginger. It can be beneficial for you in the initial months. But the last three months can be dangerous. Because it carries the risk of premature delivery.

Those who regularly take medicines due to any disease, they should avoid ginger. Because the drugs present in these medicines like beta-blockers, anticoagulants and insulin together with ginger make dangerous mixes.

People who have complaints of blood disorders should distance themselves from ginger. Consumption of ginger makes the blood thinner. This is the reason that some people have more blood flow even in mild injury.