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Institutionalise disaster risk management

News Summed Up 2019-12-03 05:30:00

By SHALOM MAGOMAMore by this AuthorThe ongoing rains have opened the Pandora’s box of how pitiably our disaster risk management structures are controlled and managed. Why can’t the national and county governments anticipate and respond to disasters or Parliament enact a national disaster management law to help us leverage on disaster coordination and financing? The legislation would ensure that disaster risk management and associated finances are better coordinated with a no-regrets approach, especially for the government (but it rarely has room for regret). A disaster management colleague notes that failure to enact disaster risk management legislation seven years down the line has denied counties the much-needed funds for planning, response and recovery. PRACTICAL SOLUTIONSThe government should foster the adoption and equipping of disaster management units at all levels with requisite human resource.