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Rare statue of Lord Buddha kept in the museum of Islamabad

News Track 2019-12-01 06:10:00

Islamabad: A rare statue of the head of Lord Buddha has been installed in the Islamabad Museum in Islamabad, Pakistan. This statue was lying in its storehouse for many years. According to the news of the local media 'Don', This statue from third and fourth century AD was discovered by the first Italian archaeological mission in Pakistan.

The statue was excavated in the 60s and was last installed in the museum in 1997. While giving information, Director of Islamabad Museum, Dr. Abdul Ghafur Lone has told that this statue of Lord Buddha made of stone of Swat is very rare. Swat Valley is famous worldwide mainly for stone statues.

He further states that statues of Lord Buddha are often found in Taxila and Afghanistan. This statue looks even more unique because of its shape, long hair, moist eyes. He said that the head of the Buddha had a special focus on the polishing of his head compared to the rest of the body, and fine material was also used. Currently, this rare statue is kept in the Islamabad Museum.