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Fearing from monkeys, Farmer paint his dog to look like tiger

News Track 2019-12-01 09:13:00

Recently, a farmer from Karnataka has done something unique which after knowing you will also praise him. A farmer from Karnataka has found a unique way to get rid of the terror of monkeys and after knowing this, everyone is very happy. According to the report, Srikanta Gowda of Naluru village got fed up with monkeys and made his dog a tiger. He has painted his dog like a tiger.

A picture has been revealed by him of making the dog as a tiger, which you can see. In fact, about 4 years ago, Shrikanta had seen a farmer using a tiger-like doll near Bhatkal district and since then monkeys stopped coming to the fields. Keeping this in mind, he made tiger-like stripes on the body of his dog and his idea is working and the movement of monkeys in the field has stopped.

According to information, this problem has not been completely eradicated till now and Gowda says that "He used dye, not paint, to paint the dog like a tiger, which after a month will disappear. Along with this, he has also put up his dog posters in the fields so that monkeys cannot come in any way.