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Vastu Tips for home: Placing Laughing Buddha in front of main door is auspicious, know why

India TV News 2019-12-01 06:55:43

Laughing Buddha statues and dolls are some of the finest things to keep at home as a matter of bringing good luck, avert misfortune and also increase the overall ambience and happiness in homes. The very pleasing look of laughing Buddha is highly entertaining and alleviating the stress and sorrows in life. These are some useful tips to consider while placing the laughing Buddha at homes. Depending on your conditions and expectations, you may choose where to place him.

In fact, this idol of the laughing Buddha generates vibrations of happiness in his comic home. Smiling is contagious. Laughter is also almost contagious. Seeing any laughing person, our teeth become eager to come out of the mouth. Laughing Buddha is one such well thought out symbol.

Even a man gets delighted after seeing a laughing idol. That is why a law has been made to place it in front of the main gate of the house, so that every person in the house laughs. In the house where the residents are happy, financial prosperity is drawn on its own.