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17 Facebook Marketplace Screenshots That Are Pretty Infuriating

BuzzFeed India 2019-11-17 15:15:00

1. This person offering less money than the asking price AND wanting free delivery.

elbigotegrande / Via

2. This person trying to negotiate on something that cost TWO DOLLARS.

alliwanabeiselchapo / Via

3. This person trying to tell someone that deep down they want to sell their IKEA stools for super cheap.

yandere_chan317 / Via

4. This person who doesn't have a way to pick the item up but does have THE AUDACITY.

joe_wo_wo / Via

5. This person who tried to guilt someone into giving them a $425 discount.

justabritincanada / Via

6. This person who is also attempting the art of getting guilt driven discounts.

cjorgen / Via

7. This person who is upset at someone for selling an item they won in a contest.

elbigotegrande / Via

8. This entitled brat who threw a tantrum when they weren't given top priority on a free bicycle.

ajrush / Via

9. This person who listed an item as "free," then asked for money and called it "click and bait."

sheikandstitch / Via

10. This person who went from $400 to free all of a sudden.

poskus8 / Via

11. This person who is kind of asking for a lot of assistance for 100% free items.

BenandoahValley / Via

12. This person who can't grasp the concept of a bed frame being sold by itself.

xamus21 / Via

13. This person who got angry when they couldn't get their iPhone for extra cheap.

iZSilencei / Via

14. This person who seemed unable to comprehend the asking price, then seemed shocked when the seller ghosted them.

oSaucy / Via

15. This person who got scolded about an item they were giving away for free.

mom-on-a-mission / Via

16. This person who wanted a $200 discount, then called the item "shit" when they were denied.

Aliinga / Via

17. And finally, this clown who is trying to shoot his unwanted shot, using Facebook Marketplace like it's a dating app.

bella_san / Via