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How man helped wife recover from drug, debt addiction

Gulf News 2019-11-17 14:50:12

Dubai: A Dubai-based man has helped his wife recover from drug addiction by putting her into a rehabilitation centre and supporting her to pay off her “addiction debts”, a Dubai Police official told Gulf News.

Colonel Abdullah Matar Al Khayat, director of Hemaya International Centre at Dubai Police. said the man was loyal to his wife and stood by her as she struugled with her addiction to painkillers.

Police said he sought help from Hemaya International Centre at Dubai Police when he started noticing that his wife suffered from mood swings, would shirk from her responsibilities at home and and would keep asking for more money to go out with friends.

“The husband found a medical prescription in the bedroom and suspected that she was on drugs. When he confronted her, she threatened him,” Col Al Khayat said.

Loyal husband

“But he was a loyal husband and didn’t want to let her go or ruin his family.”

When he approached the centre, the family was also provided with moral support and a plan to help treat the wife.

Col Al Khayat said the wife had been taking advantage of the man’s trust and would spend a lot of money on friends and trips with them.

She would also show them pictures of the house and how her husband would always surprise her with gifts. He said the friends, who got jealous, planned to turn her into a drug addict.

Dubai Police urged families of drug addicts to come forward to get them treated without fear of any criminal proceedings being initiated against them.

Col Al Khayat assured addicts that if they voluntarily present themselves to the authorities requesting treatment, they would not be punished based on Article 43 of Federal Law No. 14 which provides protection.

“Fathers, husbands and brothers should build strong relationships with their families, especially women. Solid relationships within the family result in a safe society,” Col Al Khayat added.