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Aries, Taurus, Leo, Virgo: The ONE quality you need in your soulmate based on your zodiac sign

Pinkvilla 2019-11-17 14:44:28

While you may be going around looking for that one perfect person, understand that every person's definition of the word soulmate differs. 

There comes a point in every person's life when they think it is time to settle down with somebody. Whether it is a person they have been dating, or have been set up with by parents, how do they know that they have found their partner for life? 
The term soulmate has a different meaning for everybody. While some find their soulmate in their friends, for others it is their parents, siblings or in most cases their spouses. 
But do soulmates have a criteria? How do you know what to look for in a person for them to be your soulmate? Read on to know what the term soulmate is to you, based on your zodiac sign. 


All you want from your soulmate is somebody to be your partner in crime. You need somebody who is as excited by things, events and doesn't slow you down. You want your soulmate to go on adventures with you and don't want to just "settle down" or slow down in life. 


You are difficult in relationships and love because you don't completely trust people. You need to feel safe, comfortable and be able to open up to the other person and feel supported by them at the same time. To you, a soulmate is somebody you can trust with your whole heart, and somebody who makes you feel safe and loved. 


You need a team member - somebody who is as passionate and curious as you are and who loves all the good stuff. To you, a soulmate is somebody who compliments your personality and isn't boring and mundane. 


Love is the primary force in your life that gives you motivation to do literally everything. You are always busy ensuring your family and friends are feeling loved and cared for that sometimes you forget you need some yourself. From a soulmate, all you need is to be loved unconditionally. 


You need to know that everything you are doing is appreciated and noticed by the other person. You need somebody who goes out of the way to compliment you, make you feel special and admired. All you want from your soulmate is for them to make you feel like a star. 


You get a lot of shit about not being as fun as everybody else your age. You are extremely anal about many things like hard work, cleanliness, etc. To you, a soulmate a somebody who can appreciate all these qualities and love you for them, even when the whole world is telling you that you need to loosen up. 


Nobody loves you friends as much as you do, Libra. All you want from your soulmate, is somebody who feels the same way about your friends, loves them and appreciates them as much as you do. 


Your definition of a soulmate is somebody who is honest, straightforward and supportive enough to ensure you open up to them. You are extremely vulnerable and need a soulmate who isn't into fighting and playing relationship games for power struggles. 


You believe that life is supposed to be fun and exciting. You need a partner who wakes up happy, sees the best things about the day and makes you so hard you pee a little every time! You need somebody who helps you understand the thrill of being alive. 


You have extremely high expectations and wants from life and this can get exhausting for people around who have to match up to these expectations. For you, a soulmate is somebody who shares the same values as you do, and wants the same things from life, as you. 


Your most prized possession, is your capability to think and analyse situations. You hate how most people have conventional thinking ways and love challenging them. Your soulmate is somebody who can hold a lively conversation while respecting and challenging others opinions at the same time. 


You love the arts and always need an inspiration for it. To you, a soulmate is somebody who understands your need for space but at the same time acts as a muse for all the art. You want somebody who doesn't ask you to change but instead inspires you to grow.