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Gandhi family will get bullet proof vehicles, which will come from SPG

News Track 2019-11-09 05:07:00

After the removal of SPG security of Gandhi family, how many bullet proof vehicles they will get and which agency will make it available, the question is revolving in the hearts of many people. SPG-protected VVIPs get bulletproof vehicles such as BMW, Range Rover, Mercedes Benz, Land Cruiser, Toyota Fortuner and Tata Safari.

All these armored vehicles are provided by SPG only. Because now the Gandhi family ie Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi can be given the security of ZP Plus branch of CRPF, due to this they cannot get armored vehicles. They will be issued only bullet proof vehicles.

It is being told that these vehicles can be got from SPG only. Last month, former Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh's SPG security was removed and he was being given ZP security of CRPF. He was also provided with a SPG high class bullet proof BMW car, in which Dr. Singh used to travel. All three members of the Gandhi family can get two bullet proof vehicles. When he goes out of Delhi to another state, his government can issue bullet-proof carriages to him.

The SPG's anti-ballistic armored vehicle, landmine or machine gun is also ineffective - tell us that the VVIPs which have SPG protection, they run very little in their vehicles. According to an official, the security agency concerned may not even allow them. SPG can make all such vehicles according to its own specifications. For example, a PM or former PM is issued a BMW 760Li (F03) vehicle equipped with high security. This armored vehicle is anti-ballistic.

Fire from landmine blast or machine gun also has no effect on it. The fuel tank of all these trains is made of Kevlar shield, which cannot catch fire under any circumstances. This vehicle is also completely safe from chemical and biological attacks. BMW is followed by the Range Rover (L405). It is also one of the armored trains. Mostly this car is given to the PM or the relatives of the former PM.