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Horoscope Today, November 9, 2019: Read your daily astrology prediction for zodiac sign Taurus, Leo

Pinkvilla 2019-11-09 07:48:38


Aries sign people may not manage to earn as much as they would like to on a daily basis. You may accept an assignment that requires outstation trips.  You might emerge lucky in removing certain barriers from your path. There will be demands to spend money on necessary things. There will be harmony at home. You must try to ​​keep your spirits up and do your work cheerfully. 



Taurus sign people might earn a bog amount on account of their intelligence and wit.  You will get appreciation from all corners for your ability and hard work.  Your juniors, as well as seniors, will be in a cordial form.  Things will remain pleasant on the domestic front. There will be an enhanced understanding between you and your spouse. In the middle of celebrations and appreciations, do not ignore your health and the need to follow diet routines.  



Gemini sign people will spend a favourable day. The favourable stars will enable you to resolve everything as per your wishes. If you are planning to sell a house or a shop, you can finalize it today. Students will get appreciation from their teachers. You need to be courteous and careful while interacting with elder men in the domestic sphere as well as in the workplace. There are chances that you earn their wrath by talking in an unpleasant manner. 



Cancer sign people may go through moments of stress and feel pressured about their routine work. Despite the stress, you will manage to complete all your work nicely. There will be general goodwill around you. There are indications of family feud so you need to remain mindful. You need to be extra cautious about your health and follow the exercise schedule rather strictly. You will feel a loss of energy and the zeal to do things. 




Leo sign people will have to spend a lot of time and energy in encountering the problems created by others out of their ignorance and also jealousy.  There are chances that your health may come under the rough weather. You will feel overburdened and exhausted with people’s expectations throughout the day. The salaried people might get an increment or a highly positive appraisal which will boost their morale.  There is a need to control your spendthrift tendency.  



Virgo sign people will continue to earn money from additional sources and expand their financial profile.  You may get into new territory to sell your usual product or may consider an absolutely new item to sell. Your health stars appear vulnerable and there is a need to consult a doctor even if the ailment appears minor.  Despite poor health and low energy levels, you will continue to work efficiently throughout the day. Students will score high marks.  



Libra sign people will spend most of their time dealing with family affairs. There are chances that you may attend a function or a party at a relative’s place and catch up with people with who you haven’t met for a long time. You may go out of town for the party or function. There will be minor complications at work. You must mind your expenses as there is a need to save for the rainy day. You may fall prey to a seasonal infection so be careful. A friend will offer support and warmth.  



Scorpio sign people will maintain a strong hold over their activities in the workplace. You may do a small project or sign a minor deal which can fetch limited amounts.  Things will be positive between you and your lover and you may decide to approach he big decision. Your health appears vulnerable. You have been recently under an attack of sluggishness and loss of energy. You can overcome if you gather your will power and mental strength. Men will be of significant help in a special manner. 



Sagittarius sign people will continue to be anxious and worried about something. You may not be able to sleep well and remain busy in dealing with small problems throughout the day. You will have to deal with exhaustion and irritation born out of it as there will be too much work as well as running around. You will spend a good time with your spouse discussing usual life issues and plan certain activities for the future. You will be in a speculative and talking mood. 



Capricorn sign people might clinch a big deal which shall yield a large sum. A major assignment, which you may have just completed, will be the matter of discussion amongst everybody. It will make you talk of the town. You will remain in pink of your health. There will be love and harmony between family members. Your complex issues will get resolved today by your own intelligence and efforts. The stars are positive for the inflow of money so make efforts. 




Aquarius sign people will spend a tensed as the chances of misunderstandings between close associates at home as well as at work are very high. Amidst all this, you may have to deal with a complexity involving an outsider with who you do not interact regularly. A child-related worry continues to figures in your stars be it about conceiving or about an existing child’s well-being. On several occasions, you may feel unfortunate today as the stars are in their weak frame. You must not fall prey to lethargy. 



Pisces sign people are in for a positive day.  There are strong chances that you will hear only about positive developments and happenings today. You will be in a comfortable position today in every setting be it work or home.  There will be inflow of money along with positive developments for more money to come in the near future. The general air at work will be positive and cheerful and no major problems are indicated.  A young family member will make you happy today.