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There will be a change in the price of onion, India imported 200 tons of onion from abroad

News Track 2019-11-08 12:05:00

In today's time, in this phase of rising inflation, the markets have been shaken to a great extent. Onion rates of the same day have been touching the sky. In order to stop the rate of onion, the government is rapidly increasing the supply through imports. The same 200 tonnes of onions have reached the port, while 3000 tonnes is on the way and will soon come in the retail market.

The price of onion has reached 100 rupees. Sources in the Ministry of Agriculture said that 2,500 tonnes of this have already reached 80 containers at Indian ports, out of which 70 containers are from Egypt and 10 containers from the Netherlands. Another 3,000 tons can come from 100 containers via high sea. Which will be brought towards Indian ports.

According to the information received, the supply of onion has decreased, due to irregular rains, due to which 30 to 40 percent of production has been affected this year. Onion prices have crossed Rs 100 per kg. The Ministry of Consumer Affairs announced that the government is helping to import onions and make the process smoother, and has started ensuring prompt supply from other countries. To achieve this, the Ministry of Agriculture has liberalized the needs of phytosanitary and fumigation. Indian missions in Afghanistan, Egypt, Turkey, and Iran are being asked to facilitate an onion supply to India.