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Priyanka takes big step to organize Congress in Delhi

News Track 2019-11-07 08:59:00

After the recent elections, the message of Haryana and Maharashtra elections has excited the Congress party. It is reported that Priyanka Gandhi Vadra has commanded the Delhi Congress in her own hands to bring better results. Constant meetings are being held with the same party leaders. And were making further strategies. The party is soon to hit the streets under his leadership. Issues related to the interests of the people can be raised in the movement and by which people have tried to connect with themselves.

According to information received from the same sources, Priyanka Gandhi has a meeting with the leaders of Delhi on Tuesday evening as well. In addition to this meeting, Delhi Pradesh Congress President Subhash Chopra, Mahila Congress President Sharmishtha Mukherjee and other leaders are included. In this meeting, Priyanka Gandhi is discussing a deep strategy to bring back the party's vote bank. A demonstration on the issue of pollution is also being planned in the same meeting. According to the plan, the party people will get information about the work done by the Congress. 

Many top leaders were clashing with each other for their own interests. Congress has incurred huge cost of mutual faction in Haryana assembly elections. This is the reason why Priyanka Gandhi first agreed to eliminate factionalism from the state. According to the information received, this is also believed to be the biggest reason behind giving the command of the state to Subhash Chopra. It is being said that due to Subhash Chopra becoming the president, along with Sandeep Dixit, Ajay Maken camp has also joined the party.