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Are Fat Shaming And Anxiety Disorders Connected 2019-11-06 11:00:09

“Look at that flabby stomach of yours!”, “Fatso!”, “Motu!” and what not do some people hear from their family, friends, and even co-workers. Almost all of the people who indulge in fat shaming are slim and never had any real struggle with weight problems. Some believe that fat shaming an overweight person would make them feel ashamed and motivate them to eat healthy and exercise regularly. But in most of the cases, this is not true. Instead of motivating people, fat shaming makes them feel terrible about themselves. This causes them to eat more food and gain even more weight.

Fat Shaming; Effects On Physical And Mental Health 

When it comes to the way people can stigmatise different body sizes and shapes, words can hurt more than just one’s feelings. Studies suggest that they may have real health consequences. People who reported feeling diminished by negative comments about their weight were three times more likely to have a greater risk of diabetes, heart disease, and stroke than people with similar weight who didn’t feel affected by such comments or didn’t receive them altogether. The worst part is the effect on the mental health of the victims of fat shaming. Some of the harmful mental effect of fat shaming are eating disorders, reduced self esteem, depression, etc. The fear of rejection due to weight can cause people to isolate themselves from the rest. Some of them undergo severe depression and are unable to cope with that which may even lead to suicide. Numerous studies prove that suicide is very common among people who are obese, especially those with extreme obesity. Research clearly points out that fat shaming harms people both physically and mentally. Being fat shamed shatters the confidence of a person. The continuous urge to attain the perfect body mass index (BMI) and get the perfect body shape can put a person in a lot of stress and anxiety. Thus it will not be incorrect to say that Fat Shaming And Anxiety Disorders are closely connected.

Is There Any Wayout! 

Fat Shaming And Anxiety Disorders are closely connected but there must be some way out of this like any other problem.

Not only do we need to have a public understanding about fat shaming and obesity being a complex issue, but also there is a need to shift the concentration to overall health rather than just weight.

Since Fat Shaming And Anxiety Disorders are connected so some policies are required which could make fat shaming an offence just like eve teasing to prohibit people from indulging in it.

We need to make sure how the media portrays obese people. Nowadays media affects our lives at all levels. Media houses must take on the responsibility to change the mind set of common people. 

There are a few steps that one can take for themselves like identifying body positive people around them. It can help in the reduction of the intensity of psychological effects fat shaming.

Everyone needs to engage in self love which can increase self confidence in turn. One should not try to make efforts to be healthy instead of trying to fit into stereotyped ‘perfection’.

One must never compare self with others. Always remember, ‘You are who you are’ and you are the best.

Fat Shaming And Anxiety Disorders are connected but these can surely be disconnected with a little efforts from all and sundry. Trying to fit into a set mould can only lead you to uncalled for Fat Shaming And Anxiety Disorders.

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