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Help us Lucasfilm, cross-promotion is our only hope

Adage India 2019-11-02 01:58:31

We’re still seven weeks away from the Dec. 20 release of "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker," and the force of cross-promoting is already strong with us.

Last week, Ad Age’s Adrianne Pasquarelli wrote about Hallmark’s new holiday spot with 180LA, in which a daughter surprises her parents on Halloween by making a last-minute costume switch from Princess Leia to Luke Skywalker.

We also covered Le Creuset’s new carbonite-frozen Han Solo roaster, Death Star and Millennium Falcon trivets, droid-themed mini cocottes, and Darth Vader round Dutch oven.

Other brands are getting in on the cross-promoting action, though some may be trying a bit too hard to squeeze Star Wars icons into places where they might not make sense. Still, as Yoda would say: Do. Or do not. There is no try.

For its latest safety video, United Airlines staff walk through the standard FAA safety regulations with different Star Wars-themed destinations displayed in the background. At one point, a flight attendant shows how to buckle a seat belt at the Star Wars exhibit in Sydney. Another crew member discusses the plane’s safety features in front of Star Wars street art in São Paulo.