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7 Foolproof tips and tricks to ensure your indoor plants thrive at home

Pinkvilla 2019-10-10 17:46:37

Reducing your carbon footprint is not as difficult as it seems. Just pick out a couple of small potted plants and create your own indoor garden!

The climate change crisis has really gotten most people riled up about the future of the planet. With trees being cut down continuously and more space being made for houses, factories and more, oxygen levels are being depleted. It may seem difficult to go outside and plant  a tree, but setting up your own indoor garden is not as difficult! Not only do indoor plants help increase the oxygen levels in the house but also boost the mood, liven up the space and make it greener and cleaner! 

Caring for the plants that you have grown indoor may seem like a hassle. But the simple trick is not let them feel neglected. Follow these simple easy and simple remedies to care for your plants inside the house!

Position the plants right
Ensure your house plants get enough sun. Check with how much sun your plant needs. If it needs direct sunlight, place it close to a window. If it just needs a warm spot, place it in shade but close to the window. 

Don't overwater your plants
It is also important to take note of how much water your plants require Some house plants might need watering once a week while others need to be watered twice a day! Do your research and be aware of how much water each plant requires. 

Use waste well
Instead of throwing out the water that you used to soak and clean the fruits and vegetables, use this water in your plants. Scraps like eggshells, banana and fruit peels, etc. act as fertilizer to the plant and adds nutrients and vitamins to it. 

De-weed the plants
The soil tends to attract lots of weeds, caterpillars, insecticides, etc. that end up feeding off the healthy plant, in turn weakening it. Ensure you occasionally de-weed your plants and get the worms and insects off for best health. 

Prune the plants
Every three months or so, trim your plants a little from the outside, like you do with your hair. Chop off the overgrown branches, get rid of the dead leaves, unwanted twigs and more to ensure there is more space for the healthy plants to grow. 

Play the plants music
Just like us, plants too thrive when played good tunes. Research and studies prove that plants have an exceptional response to music, especially classical music. 

Talk to your plants
According to horticulturists, talking to plants helps them grow faster. It has been proved that plant grow even faster when spoken to by a female voice! Talking to plants kindly, occasionally, boosts their growth, making them leafier and thicker, ensuring they are at their best health.