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Tired of dry and damaged hair? These easy hair care tips are going to help you MAJORLY

Pinkvilla 2019-10-10 17:41:04

Beautiful, smooth and healthy hair is every girl’s dream. However, given the erratic lifestyles that we are leading, it gets extremely difficult for us to give our mane all the attention and care it needs. Dry and damaged hair has become a common phenomenon. Almost everyone is complaining of excessive hair fall, damage and split ends. The worst addition to this case is the excessive irresponsible use of hair styling tools which most girls have started using. 


While unhealthy and stressful lifestyle mounts big on the list of causes, there are more which adds up to the list. Bleaching, hair colouring, various types of hair treatments and styling, tight and firm hairstyles, excessive and over-brushing, shampooing your hair pretty often and using the wrong products on your hair are some of the most common causes of poor and damaged hair. Also, some of the ways to find dry and damaged are where they start looking extremely dull. Split ends, no moisture, rough texture, frizziness, lack of elasticity and breakage are pretty common. 


Listed below are common and easy ways and tips to fix dry and damaged hair. 



Trim your hair every 3-4 months

You must have heard a lot of them advising you about trimming your hair for better growth. Well, that indeed is a great advice and one which you should definitely be following. However, do make sure that the stylist uses a scissor which is sharp eough otherwise it’ll do more harm than good. 


Avoid excessive use of hot iron tools

Using excessive use of hot iron tools can leave your hair extremely dry and frizzy. You should especially keep away from them when you already have damaged cuticles. Even if you're using a blow dryer make sure you are using it on low setting. 


Sulfate free shampoos and conditioner

Many a times we don't even know how to pick a shampoo for ourselves. Avoid products which are more based from natural ingredients and are free from chemicals like sulfate or sodium lauryl sulfate. 



Condition your hair before swimming

Whenever you’re going in for a swim, make sure that you condition your hair nicely. Coconut oil is great and forms a good protective layer on your hair. Also you can double the protection by wearing a silicone swimming cap. 


Use natural hair dye for damaged hair if you want to hide the greys

Grey hair is extremely unflattering. If you’re wanting to hide them then we suggest that you opt for natural hair dyes like mehendi (henna) or tea. These are less harsh and are super effective on the hair. 


We’ve listed down all the causes and the essential steps that one must take in order to keep their hair frizz free and make them healthy and smooth. Do you have any more tips that can help us? Comment below and let us know. 



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