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IREDD Launches New Project

News Summed Up 2019-10-10 05:30:00

Bob N. Johnson, IREDD Project Manager, informed his audience that the project is a government initiative, as such, IREDD is going to work with the government to strengthen its efforts towards creating a platform where government will interact directly with citizens, and also address some of the national issues of concerns. Johnson named Grand Cape Mount and Nimba as targeted counties for the project, and subsequently extends to other parts of the country. In the project, Mr. Johnson said IREDD will provide an electronic platform where citizens of the affected concession communities will interact directly with national government to put forth issues that affect their daily lives. Fahnseth B. Mulbah, MME Director of Bureau for Economic Forecast and Concession Appraisal, described the project as essential to the growth and development of concession communities. LEITI officer in charge, Jefferson N. Yates, lauded IREDD for the initiative and pledged his entity’s support to the project.