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What motorcycles do you wish to be launched in India? 2019-10-09 14:40:10

If you are in the market to buy a Motorcycle for yourself in India, you really have a plethora of choices, ranging from SuperBikes, SportsBikes, Cruisers, Cafe Racers, Adventure Tourers, Off-road, cruisers, street/naked...

Though, there are few bikes which have not been launched in India and may make sense, at least to me, it appears so.

This thread isn't about what desirability, but a bit more about practicality and fun you can have on 2 wheels in India given our varied road infrastructure.

While there are gem of Motorcycles from various stables, I feel, we have a scope for few more. I haven't included off-road [MX] or extreme cruisers/Harleys, you may please add, if you feel so.




and MT-07.


Maybe MT-10 as well. The Tenere range? It should.

Will the Tracer range make sense, for tourers, for sure. And hardcore tourers will love the FJR series and the futuristic Niken.

And for looks, the XSR series, I love the way it looks.


While few will lap up the VFR 800 for its touring ability over good roads, I personally would lap up the CB-650F without a second thought.


CB-500F can be a good alternative to something like the Z-400 or even the Z-250 [its been discontinued]

Source Kawasaki

N-400, but, IKM should try to price it below 4L OTR for places like Bangalore for it to make sense.

Source Suzuki

I wanted to include the legendary SV, but, I think its too dated now to garner interest.