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Young man raped a married woman and then with cigarette...

News Track 2019-10-03 02:01:00

Tales of crime coming today remain a sensation for everyone. In such a case, the matter which has come up recently is being described of Barwani. Yes, Rajpur police of Barwani district of Madhya Pradesh has filed a case against a person today for allegedly raping a woman and staining her with cigarettes. According to the information received in this case, the Rajpur police station said that "after telling the 19-year-old married woman, a case has been registered against the accused under the sections of abduction, rape and torture."

According to the complaint received in this case, "On September 25, when the accused returned with her to Jululania from Rajpur in a bus, she was threatened to kill her husband, father and brother, and after that, in different places of Maharashtra and Gujarat he raped her several times. The accused had also fired on her body with a burning cigarette and with this, the married woman was found in a hand-tied and leg-tied position at Naravala Phate in Palsud Marg of Rajpur police station area yesterday.

In this case, the police said that "she was sent to the district hospital after being admitted to the government hospital in Rajpur yesterday where she was not in a position to give a statement yesterday." Though stories of such crime are continuously coming out today. Those who are surprised and because of them, fear is also being born to someone.