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This Society In Pune Saves 60,000 Litres Of Water Daily, Uses Solar Power And Also Has An Organic Farm

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To the point: With the whole world moving towards more eco-friendly and sustainable living, we found a society in the urban suburbs of Pune, who are not only setting major eco-friendly goals but most importantly, living by example. Keep reading to know about the amazing work done by them.

Picture Credit: Hindustan Times

Palash Co-Op Housing Society in Wakad may look like any regular housing society from the outside, but it’s got heaps of amazing taking place inside this residential space. It all started back in 2012, when the society, collectively decided to go down the green route and put in efforts to convert the regular society into an eco-friendly one. That same year, they installed 12 windmills and six-kilowatt solar panel to supplement the power supply that now lights up the common spaces across four acres of land. And we’re just getting started…

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Picture Credit: The Better India

The society comprises 295 flats with 1500 plus residents who have all agreed to a cleaner and better living. Small changes like installing aerators in their taps have lead them to save up to 35,000 to 60,000 litres of water on a daily basis. Amazing right? They also have a rainwater harvesting tank that stores up to 750 litres of water and even the rainwater on the terraces are collected to help replenish the groundwater. If saving water is a key move, then we forget how much water is simply wasted in just washing our cars on a daily basis. To combat this move they have replaced gallons of water and settled on a more humble and herbal liquid that does the job, perfectly!

Picture Credit: The Better India

What is a green and eco-friendly initiative, if no plants are planted and green cover increased? Over a span of a few years, the residents have planted over 1,600 trees on the periphery to attract rare birds and boost fauna in the area. They also have an exclusive organic farming patch where they often grow various vegetables, it is manned and take care by the children of the society. We truly believe that this is a small, yet amazing strategy to get the kids involved and help educate them about farming IRL.

Picture Credit: Hindustan Times

Just when you think they’ve done it all, we’re not done yet. In 2016, the Maharashtra state government passed a law stating that any society generating more than 100 kg of waste needs to manage the waste on their own. And that they did! Not only did they segregate their waste into wet and dry, but also into hazardous waste that is taken care of by the in-house incinerator. The waste gets added to their compost pit and within 25 days, voila! Compost is ready! Annually they generate around 5 ton of compost, out of which they consume 1.5 in their gardens and the rest is distributed to needy farmers completely free of cost!

Picture Credit: The Better India

We are simply in awe of all the residents and the members of the society who have dedicated their time, energy and resources in bringing about good and choosing to live a cleaner and more eco-friendly life. For these efforts, they were also awarded the Best Society Award by the Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation in 2017-2018. From sewage treatment plants to rainwater harvesting to organic farming, this housing society is making a change and living by example and we are grateful for it.

News Source: The Better India 

Cover picture credits: Hindustan Times and The Better India

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