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Deepa Tamang releases new music video

My Republica 2019-08-14 20:52:05

Singer Deepa Tamang has released her new music video ‘Ma Ta Chamma-2’ recently. The music video is eight minutes long and is shot in US. The video features members of RBNK Dance Crew including Basanti Rai, Usha Monger, Christina Khanal, Dibya Dahal, Jestina Monger among others.

 Amashi Rai has penned and composed the song. Uday Raj Poudel has arranged the song. Speaking about the song, choreographer and director of the video Nar Man Rai, said, “Though the song is shot in America, we chose shooting spot in such a way that it looks like Nepal, which made easier for us to create authentic Nepali video.”