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How does the Moon affects humans physical and mental conditions

ifairer 2019-08-12 18:31:00

Moon, earth's only natural satellite is known for exerting its impacts, especially during full moon days. However, many people don't know that lunar activities have an impact on determining the physical and mental health of humans. Even though not scientifically proved, many people believe that the day of the full moon has direct impacts on humans.

Holy books related to Hindu religion reveal that full moon has a direct influence on people with mental instabilities. As per beliefs, people with mental instabilities used to behave more violently during the lunar peak and several research reports indicate that psychiatric facilities admit more people during the day of the full moon, Medical Daily reported.

However, there are no scientific proofs that substantiate the connection between behavioural traits and the full moon.

Another widely popular notion is that a full moon is capable of disrupting the sleep of people and can cause insomnia. Even though not scientifically proven, a study conducted in 2013 suggested that people usually sleep less during the time of the full moon.