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Vagamon Diaries: A Thrilling Endeavour 2019-08-12 18:12:57
DAY 2 [Vagamon Sight-seeing]

It was the crack of dawn when most of us woke up, and we were sipping hot tea above the clouds as the sun rose at the distance. Everyone freshened up and made their way to the restaurant for breakfast. The breakfast buffet menu was so diverse that everybody had what they liked. From bread, jam and butter to poori and uttapam, vegetable gravy and sambar; the choices were so many in number. Freshly cooked omelets were also served. Once we were done with breakfast, we got on our cars and rode downhill. Setting up Android Auto, the first place we were planning to visit was the Vagamon Meadows. It wasn’t that far off and most of the other places we were planning on visiting were somewhere nearby the meadows. Along the way to the venue, we discovered some jaw-dropping sceneries.

Vagamon Meadows, also called Mottakunnu, in my description would be a cluster of tiny hills similar to Scottish grasslands and are perfect for picnics. Apparently, it was quite a tourist spot since it was surrounded by numerous kiosks selling chocolates, tea and other souvenirs. At the top, it would be like anyone would picture; many other perfectly velvet green hills stretching out of sight. The spot proved to be an excellent location for more portraits.

We grabbed some pickled mangoes from the stalls and drove over to the Vagamon Pine Forest. The Pine Forest is a valley encompassing acres of lofty pine trees that grow on the slopes. When we reached there, we had to down an alley surrounded by a lot of shops. The pine forest radiated an ethereal feeling, as we walked along the stone laid path. We couldn’t resist spooking the kids by depicting slender-man tales, and how he would appear, tall and thin in the dark and misty pine forest.

The Hi-tech Bull Mother Farm was nearby the forest and there was an ice cream parlor just outside the entrance. Each of us had an ice cream of choice, and they were delish. We set up Google Maps towards Thangalpara, where we decided to go to before lunch. The navigation took us to some place beyond Thangalpara; however, it proved out to be a really scenic view point. The view point was at the cliff of a lofty mountain peering down upon the valley beneath. It was an excellent spot to take some amazing shots.

On the way back to Vagamon town, and quite nearby, the entrance of Thangalpara showed up. We decided to just look it up since it was nearby although it was beyond lunchtime. People climbed up a rock that rose to quite some height, and the views got more breathtaking as we progressed higher. We went to the base of the rock and took some pictures. Some of us went even higher, and those who did not come up really did miss a beautiful sight.

We did not climb all the way up, and we spent very little time in Thangalpara since all our bellies were rumbling. We rushed off to Vagamon town, and had lunch in this pretty crowded restaurant called “

Green Line Restaurant

”. Everybody ordered what they wanted and we all had a hearty and heavy lunch. We only had two places left on our list, Kurisumala and Vagamon Lake. We made our way to Kurisumala and two cars got lost along the way. But once we made it to the foot of the mountain, we found out that we have to climb all the way up to reach the Kurisumala church.

Since we just had lunch, many decided not to climb. However, some of us started climbing, especially the enthusiastic kids. As we made it up, it got pretty tiring, but once we made it to the top, the view was sensational. There was a well at the top from which we quenched our thirst with pure cold spring water. Getting downhill was easier than expected, although the whole trip uphill and back took nearly two whole hours.

By the time we got back, it was late and it was getting dark and so we had to cancel the Vagamon Boating plans. We got back to the resort, pretty exhausted but amazed at the sights we had witnessed. To spend time, many of the kids went to play indoor games like table tennis and carrom and some even played football along the pavement. But many others went to rest since it was a very energetic day. Dinner was served at the restaurant, yet another buffet. Food included paratha, vegetable fried rice, gobi manchurain and country style chicken gravy, and payasam for dessert. After dinner, most of us went to sleep since we had yet another change of plan.