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Alleged Portmore rapist charged with house breaking

Jamaica Observer 2019-07-10 11:34:15

THE man, who was recently held by the Portmore police after several reports of rapes in the municipality, has been charged with house breaking.

According to Superintendent Clive Blair of the St Catherine South Police Division, scientific evidence is being awaited to confirm the rape allegations made against the accused.

The areas in which the recent rape incidents allegedly occurred were Bridgeport, Cumberland, Braeton, Portmore Pines, and Silverstone.

The attacks were carried out between midnight and 4:00 am.

Prior to the arrest of the alleged rapist, one woman went on Twitter to alert others after he aunt allegedly became a victim.

“Just for others to know that this rapist is real and out there. I didn't want to tweet about this, but that same rapist broke into my aunt's house in Portmore Pines, did oral sex and proceeded with his sexual activities,” the woman wrote.

“My baby cousins and younger sister were in the house, as well, when I got the worst phone call from my sister crying and saying aunty is screaming RAPE!! I could hear my aunt's voice in the background screaming for her life. It was the worst feeling.

“Trust me, this isn't something to talk about but it is real and we need to look out for each other. I hope this man gets caught before more attacks take place,” she added.

— Shanae Stewart