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Apple pays tribute to triumphant U.S. Women's World Cup soccer team

Cult of Mac 2019-07-08 12:02:53
U.S. team brought home the win over the weekend.
Image:: Apple

Apple has given its home page a Memoji-themed soccer overhaul in honor of the United States Women’s World Cup win.

The much-viewed competition came to an end over the weekend, as the U.S. brought home the win with a 2-0 victory over the Netherlands.

The animated graphic appears for visitors in the U.S., U.K. (where I’m based), and possibly other markets too. The animated interlude appears when users visit the Apple home page. It features falling confetti, soccer balls and some of Apple’s instantly recognizable Memojis cheering. It ends with the message “Job well done.”

Sport is a great unifier

Apple often changes its homepage for everything from sporting events to publicizing social issues.

Earlier this year, after the Toronto Raptors won the 2019 NBA Championship, Apple included a tribute on its homepage. Given how many of Apple’s executive team are sport lovers that’s no great surprise.

Back in April, Tim Cook even called into ESPN to discuss the positive qualities of sport. He called it a “great unifier,” and said the it can bring together even rival CEOs. “It’s the one thing we can all rally around and people put their other interests aside to either fight the other side or hopefully join forces,” Cook said. “Sports always comes up [during meetings]. CEOs are people too. They love sports.”

Because of how exciting this year’s Women’s World Cup soccer tournament has been, it’s great to see Apple pay tribute to it!

Is the World Cup animation visible where you live? Let us know in the comments below.