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This Jamai Raja fame actress is going for many photoshoots amidst pregnancy!

News Track 2019-06-13 01:41:00

These days, the TV show Jamai Raja's actor Sara Arfin Khan is pregnant and will have her delivery in July as per the news. These days, she is enjoying the pregnancy period that you can all see. While on social media, her stylish look has pictures and she is in a lot of discussions even after being pregnant.

Yes, Sara has now flaunted baby bump and shared some photo Instagram account that you can see. In these pictures, Sara is looking extremely cute and the joy of being a pregnancy glow and a mother is palpable on her face.

Let all of you also tell you that Sara is going to be a mother after 10 years of marriage and she shares the photo by saying "No Wonder in my religion it says ' Heaven lies under the feet of your Mother. ' As the day passes I realise how difficult it is for women who carry Their babies right from the first week to the end of pregnancy and beyond!! Mother's Day should be celebrated every day! Hats off to all you mothers who have gone through this pain so beautifully over and over again and complete your love and duty till the end and beyond..... Thank you @malamansukhani for still putting up with everything."

She is looking beautiful. There are photos and she wrote "I dance because I can... I've got the best gift from heaven Why should I stay calm?? Swaying in this beautiful flowing maternity dress by @momtobe_inHappiness captured well by @jessie_weddings" is visible in the dance you can see all of you. Sara was tied to Arfin Khan's wedding in 2009 and the couple is quite excited about their first baby.