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British nurse in Oman, Embassy staffer awarded British Empire Medal

Times of Oman 2019-06-12 11:55:00

Muscat: A nurse in Oman and the UK Ambassador's executive assistant are among those awarded the prestigious British Empire Medal by Queen Elizabeth II.

Kathleen Lee, a nurse in Oman has been awarded the British Empire Medal by the Queen for her outstanding work in hospitals across the Sultanate.

Rachael Renihan, the UK Ambassador’s executive assistant, was awarded the British Empire Medal for her services in furthering Oman-UK relations.

A statement by the UK Government said that Kathleen Emily Lee, a nurse in Muscat’s Medident centre, was awarded the medal 'for services for the health and welfare of British nationals overseas.'

Having served for years in Oman, Lee has always worked to aid British nationals in Oman through her occupation.

An online statement by the British Embassy read, “Kathy has been a nurse in Oman for 19 years and continues to do great work in support of the health and welfare of British nationals in Oman.”

Rachael Renihan, Executive Assistant to the British Ambassador, British Embassy, also received the medal for her services for UK/Oman relations.

An online statement by the Embassy read, “Rachael is Executive Assistant to our Ambassador and has lived in Oman for nearly 14 years. Not only does she play a vital role in the Embassy, she is known to many as a supportive figure in the Christian community in Muscat.”