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CBN denotes new meaning for “Return Gift” !

Telugu Mirchi 2019-03-11 12:26:59

AP CM Chandrababu Naidu once again targeted Telangana chief minister KCR and AP opposition leader YS Jagan. Speaking at a meeting in Kurnool district on Sunday,CBN said, “KCR thinks that investing in YSRCP is a return gift, but Chandra Babu pledged that he would defeat Jagan and deliver the loss to KCR as a return gift”.

While I think how to develop the state in all spheres,but Jagan sitting in Lotus Pond and planning out new conspiracies. “Delhi’s Modi (Narendra Modi), Hyderabad Modi (KCR) and Lotus Pond Modi (Jagan) are trying to pull us back in any way by looking at AP development. They can’t be ignored, “said Chandrababu.