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Wild mushrooms: after two complicated years, high hopes for 2019

freshplaza 2019-02-11 18:50:00

“We’ve had two rather difficult years for the wild mushrooms,” explains William Trapon of Trapon Champignons. “So we have higher hopes for 2019. We must not have a shortage of products in the fall, when we make most of our sales.”

Some complicated months
As always at this time of year, the market is very calm. This will last until April. “There is a very small production in southwestern France. We have some grey and yellow chanterelles and some golden chanterelles from Portugal, Morocco and Tunisia, but the volumes are limited. We hope that sales will pick up with the spring products, like the St. George mushrooms or the wild asparagus. We are not worried about the spring: it’s always a transition period.”

William Trapon at the Asia Fruit Logistica fair in 2018

“In 2018, we were missing quite a few products, especially the boletus. Although the spring was humid enough, the summer was terrible. Some regions went 3 to 4 months without any rain, so the mushrooms struggled to grow.”

Golden chanterelles from Russia
For the golden chanterelles, Trapon Champignons had a decent year. “We had enough golden chanterelles, especially from Russia, because the country is much bigger. There is always a region where mushrooms can grow, even if other regions are having some difficulties.”


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