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Google rolls out AR navigation for Maps to beta users

ANI NEWS 2019-02-11 13:16:00

California [USA], February 11 (ANI): Things are getting exciting in the world of Google Maps. The mapping service is getting an augmented reality (AR) navigation feature which is now being rolled out to some early users.
With the AR feature, navigation becomes all the more real and easier to execute. As Mashable reports, the feature leverages your phone’s camera to help you with navigation by superimposing information on the what the camera sees around you.
The concept is derived out of Google Glass that works without the eyewear. The early testers describe that the app picks up a person’s location via GPS and uses Street View data to zero in on the user’s exact location.
Once the location is identified, it displays big, animated arrows and directions on the screen making it look like actual directions are drawn onto the real world.
The feature has not been designed to be used as the primary method of navigation. It doesn’t allow you to use the camera consistently and is more for user-experience, for moments when you don’t know where you head first after getting off the subway.
Google will roll out the feature to a few Local Guides before introducing it to the masses. (ANI)