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Politicians exploit party-list system to build dynasties

News Summed Up 2019-02-10 05:30:00

What was once meant to be a reform measure, the party-list system has “deteriorated” over the last two decades into a mechanism in which those who belong to political dynasties are able to perpetuate themselves in power. 7941, which established the party-list system, was enacted in 1995, it meant to provide the marginalized and underrepresented sectors a voice in Congress. It was a measure of reform,” Rosales told the Inquirer on Saturday. However, two decades later, Rosales said the system had “deteriorated terribly”as it was infiltrated not only by members of political dynasties but also those with business interests and the ultrarich. Kontra Daya convener Danilo Arao said politicos and businessmen infiltrating the party-list system could be detrimental to the public, especially when their proposed policies could trample on the rights of certain groups.