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Recipe for success

The Tribune 2019-02-09 07:59:00

Zee Café brings the most-awaited battle between home chefs and experts who will give it their all. Now, end your weeknights on a tasty note with The Chefs’ Line Season 2. The never-back-down attitude of the amateur chefs will be put to test against the professionals. The show is all set to premiere on Zee Café from February 11, 2019, week-nights at 9 pm.  

The Chefs’ Line is a direct ticket to change the fortune of our home chefs, but it comes with a price. Our home chefs will go up against the master chefs from the industry. With a new cuisine every week, the culinary war between the two will have exciting twists and turns. Four amateur home cooks will fight head-on against an entire chefs’ line, from one of Australia’s finest restaurants, in the hope that their determination will triumph over professionals!

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