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With Kiss about to perform in Vancouver, ex-guitarist Ace Frehley calls Gene Simmons an asshole and a sex addict

Straight 2019-01-31 05:40:02

With Kiss about to land in Vancouver Thursday for the West Coast date of their 10th, 11th, or 33rd farewell tour, now's as good a time as any to dream of what might be. 

Would it be too much to ask for an extended version of "Domino", easily the best song that the long-running quartet has ever written? How about bassist Gene Simmons and singer-guitarist Paul Stanley returning for the encore sans makeup to play Lick It Up in its entirety, including the bonus tracks.

One thing that won't be happening is former guitarist Ace Frehley joining Simmons, Stanley, and whoever the other two guys are these days on-stage for a special appearance. 

The reason? Frehley and Simmons are currently beefing like a couple of SoundCloud rappers on a number of fronts. 

Things erupted big-time yesterday on Facebook, which, sadly, is exactly where you'd expect two 60-something men to wage a war on social media. 

The groundwork was laid in a Guitar World interview for Kiss's final End of the Road Tour. And by "final", we mean the final tour ever for Kiss until the band's 2024 Back on the Road Tour. Simmons said he had no idea whether he'd be inviting Frehley or original drummer Peter Criss on-stage for select dates. “Ace and Peter have gotten three chances,” Simmons is quoted as saying. “They were in and out of the band—fired—three times. For drugs, alcohol, bad behavior, being unprofessional."

This motivated Frehley to fire up Facebook and take aim at Simmons and Kiss. After denying that he's ever been fired from the band ("I quite twice"), he stated that he's been sober for nearly two decades, and that no one in Kiss has ever enjoyed the solo-career success he has. 

Not done there, Frehley went on to write that Simmons—who's claimed to have porked more women than Rasputin, Ron Jeremy, and Quagmire from Family Guy—once made a pass at his wife, adding that he's both an an asshole and a sex addict. 

In case it wasn't clear that bad blood between the two has now reached the boiling point, Frehley concluded by saying he wants his old job back with Kiss and, if that doesn't happen, "THE SHIT WILL HIT THE FAN AND THEY’LL BE NO STOPPING  IT."

Enjoy the show at Rogers Arena tomorrow. And you might want to think twice about showing up in Spaceman makeup if you're sitting within spitting distance of the stage. 

Here's the full post from Frehley.