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Quota Bill, what does it tell about BJP’s present and future?

Elections in India 2019-01-11 12:19:27

Quota Bill, what does it tell about BJP’s present and future?

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India’s ruling party which promised to deliver “Acche Din” during its governance seem to have failed in delivering so. However, with the introduction of the Quota Bill which will provide 10% quota for government jobs and higher education places to 190 million population of the upper caste Hindus might change the game sideways for Modi’s BJP. The move which requires a constitutional amendment would extend a measure to correct historic discrimination between the upper class and lower class, who earn as much as 8 Lac per annum which is roughly around 6 times of the per capita income of the country.

Since its introduction to the Lok Sabha, the move has been attaining a lot of criticization considering the timing of the introduction. While Modi’s administrative date claims creation and formalization of millions of jobs in various sectors, private sector researches show exactly the opposite of the claims made. With the introduction of the bill at this time of year, it can be a sign of clear nervousness in the party for the upcoming National Elections scheduled for May after the party lost elections in three key states last month.

BJP lawmaker and spokesman G.V.L Narsimha Rao said that “The new policy grants benefits to communities long ignored by the opposition Congress party, which has ruled India for most of its independent history”. Reacting to all the criticization the government has been receiving about the timing of the introduction of the bill Rao said “This has nothing to do with any election, this government has been elected for a full term of five years and will continue to make all decisions in the public interest until the last day in office.”

Taking advantage of the decreasing impact of Modi’s performance two key regional parties decided over the weekend to unite against the BJP in Uttar Pradesh, a development that could significantly impact the results of the upcoming elections in the state.

With the upper caste unhappy due to lack of job opportunities for them in the country which is a clear sign of Modi’s failure and the introduction of the bill may or may not help the party to bring back the upper caste support the party has been receiving since years. “They’re sort of in a fix,” Sonal Varma, chief India economist at Nomura Holdings Inc. in Singapore perfectly defines the government’s move to introduce the policy.

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