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Mayawati-Akhilesh to hold joint press conference on Saturday

Siasat Daily 2019-01-11 10:07:35

‘Aman ki Asha is living in a fool’s paradise and deceiving people. Former judge tweeted. I think judge Katju is living his retired life in a dreamland and amusing people with diatribes about unity of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh into one big happy nation like in days of his idol, Mughal Emperor Akbar.He cites examples of unity of East and West Germany and North and South Vietnam. The history of those examples is entirely different from division of British India into 2 nations (later 3). Division of Germany was as 'spoils of war' between the Allied and Soviet victors during WWII and in Vietnam it was due to Communists push from north to oust French colonists. The reunification of East and West Germany was mainly due to collapse of Soviet Union, the de facto rulers, and in Vietnam due to defeat of the US, the de facto rulers. There were no conflicting religious dogmas in both the conflicts.In case of India, the partition was not a consequence of war or ideology but due to religions only. Majority of Muslims did not want to live in a majority Hindu country. They wanted to have their own khilafat e Islami. Later, even that Khilafat split into two due to racial and ethnicity conflicts and Bangladesh emerged. To imagine that these 3 nations will reunite, is like living in a Fool's Paradise. This to happen, either any two nations out of three went economically bankrupt or the grip of religious fanaticism loosened and destroyed. What a pipe dream?