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This Is How Uniforms Of World's Dangerous And Feared Special Forces Look Like

dontgetserious 2019-01-09 16:52:16

Special forces are those military units who are trained specially for conducting the delicate and special operations. It is definite that they are a group of the most skilled people. The most threatening operations and missions are given to these special forces and they try their best to complete them. Protecting their motherland has always been their first priority. Well, since they perform dangerous tasks, the uniforms of these special forces are also specially designed for protection as well as recognition.

1. India


The tragic death of the first ever female Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi made the Indian government think a lot about the security of the country. Ever since then, a new team called the Indian National Security Guard was added to the list of all special forces. The uniform was made, keeping in mind, that it should not reveal much.

2. China


China is the second most sophisticatedly secured country. The Chinese army wear normal military dresses but are always on horses and the ammunition they have are wielded swords, only.

3. Denmark


This is one of the most petrifying uniforms of all time. The Denmark Army wears suits which are completely protected as well as hidden.

4. Spain


The Army of Spain is basically incharge of the Anti-Terrorists activities as well as of the protection of important people. Their uniforms are completely packed.