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Now take Amazon Alexa with you on the go

Deccan Chronicle 2019-01-09 16:33:00

Agrahyah Technologies announced the launch ‘AOP App’ for Android, which lets users access Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa on the go. AOP which loosely translates to Alexa on phone is developed by Agrahyah Technologies to help people access Alexa, the voice assistant even when they are away from home or office where they have usually access Alexa through Amazon’s Echo range of smart speakers.

AOP app is free to download and to use, a user just needs to login with their Amazon ID. AOP app is also available across the globe and works in multiples languages including Japanese, Spanish, French, German, Italian and English (Indian, US, UK, Australia, and Canada).


Around the world, millions of people are habituated to use Amazon’s Alexa at home, work and more locations, but when they are on the go, say while at a coffee shop or transiting between two places, they may have a void moment where they can invoke their favourite voice assistant to get things done or add things to shopping basket or add a crucial reminder and so on. AOP App aims to bridge this gap by making Alexa available on Android phones.

Agrahyah Technologies, the Mumbai based technology solution provider for the emerging ‘voice’ platforms, has been working closely with Amazon’s Alexa teams including ASK (Alexa skills kit) and AVS (Alexa voice services. Agrahyah is among the handful of the recommended agency by Amazon for Alexa Skills development in India; Agrahyah has also been awarded as Agency of The Year and  Agency of The Year – Top Influencer in 2018.

With AOP app installed on a phone, people can invoke Alexa to call a cab, listen to jokes, play a quiz, or get answers to their questions, in other words, the Skills they have enabled on their Amazon ID will seamlessly work here too.

A user can visit Google Play Store to download the beta version of the app for free or by visiting the link Once you have the app, just log in with your Amazon Account and start using Alexa Skill through AOP app. Try saying "Open Hindi Jokes" to listen to hundreds of jokes recorded by RJ Ankita and Himanshu. Try "Launch India Panchang" to get shub muhurat and other auspicious time in Hindi.     

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