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TN Government releases cancellation order to SVS College Due to Suicide case

AP Herald 2019-01-09 12:49:36
In Villupuram district’s place called Kallakurichi a medical college named SVS was by 2013 given medical education training institution and presently the order was cancelled by the Tamilnadu government and has released the order as last month by January three girls body was found in the college well and so the college was closed.
It was stated that students have complained that basic amenities are not provided and higher fees amount was collected and so the students were beaten and so many students have involved in strike against the management. The case was dealt by CBCID and the college correspondent and three along with him were arrested.
Presently the CBCID have stated that the suspicion behind the death of three girls will come to light within few days and meanwhile the TN Government has cancelled the recognition given to the college during 2013 September as Medical Education Training institution and the government has issued an order in this regard.