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Minimally invasive appendectomy saves patient’s life

Gulf News 2019-01-08 15:28:23
Nadia C for appendectomy story. SUCHITRA Image Credit:

Since the surgery ,the patient, who is an assistant accountant in a Dubai-based firm (name withheld upon request), has bounced back to good health. Recalling her ordeal, she told Gulf News: “On October 31, I rushed to the emergency with this unbearable pain on the right side of my abdomen. I was so scared as I had no idea what was causing such a sharp pain which kept increasing in intensity despite all pain killers. Once diagnosed as appendicitis, I was rushed to surgery the same day as there was fear of the appendix bursting. The surgery went very well, and after a week I was back home. The surgeon was so good in his minor incisions that there was no scar tissue formation and my wounds healed quickly. I took care to rest and have bland food for a month. But now I am back to having spicy food, and have been able to resume a regular gym and swimming routine. In other words, after a month I was able to resume my normal life and the pain completely disappeared.”