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NIPER scholars bagged IPA Award

5 Dariya News 2018-12-07 12:01:13

Poor solubility of the medicines has been a persisting issue in dosage form development. This hampers their efficacy in the body. This issue of insolubility can be resolved using nanocrystals of medicines generated by several nanonization techniques. Nano-crystals are small nanometre-sized particles of the medicine that act faster and efficiently than the conventional micrometer-sized medicines. National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER), Mohali has contributed in the nanotechnology arena by developing a cost-effective, novel technology, known as NanoCrySP, for generating nanocrystals.A team of four Ph. D. research scholars- Amanpreet Kaur, Poonam Singh Thakur, Prashant Parmar and Sneha Sheokand and their supervisor Prof. Arvind K. Bansal developed nanocrystal-based tablets of four different medicines. Prof. Arvind K. Bansal is head of the department of pharmaceutics at NIPER, Mohali. The manufactured tablets showed promising results of increased efficacy in pre-clinical (animal) studies. The medicines included Celecoxib (for rheumatoid arthritis), Curcumin (for cancer), Hesperetin (for breast cancer) and Fenofibrate (for hyperlipidemia). The project won IPC ACG SciTech Innovation award for the “Best Innovative Development of Solid Dosage Form of the year 2018”. Currently, two of the four products- Celecoxib and Curcumin tablets are under evaluation in human subjects for their efficacy. The potential of NanoCrySP technology will be further demonstrated with other medicines for different routes of administration.