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BMC spent Rs 79.46 per voter in the 2017 Municipal polls: RTI

Afternoon Despatch and Courier 2018-12-06 00:00:00

RTI acttivist Anil Galgali had sought information from the BMC about the total expenses incurred on the Municipal elections held in Feb 2017.

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) elections which were held in February last year a incurred cost of Rs 72.94 crores for the conduct of the elections, which amounted to Rs 79.46 per voter. This information was revealed through a response provided by Right to Information (RTI) activist Anil Galgali. The maximum expense in a single head was Rs 24.68 crores on account of electoral slips and printed materials.

Galgali had sought information from the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) about the total expenses incurred on the Municipal elections held in February 2017. The Public Information Officer and Assistant Election Officer provided Galgali with the copies of three documents filed with the State Election Commission. “Account to details contained in the documents, Rs 8,67,85,325 was spent on payment of Honorarium to Officers conducting the elections like 25 Electoral Returning Officer, 25 Assistant Electoral Returning Officer, 43 Election Inspector, and 4200 staff in election offices established for conducting the elections. An Remuneration payment amounting to Rs 6,24,63,550 was incurred as expenses for 48 Electoral Returning Officer, 550 Asst Electoral Returning Officer, and 41980 staff Manning the Voting centres. Also 2238 staff for counting of votes, 9062 staff deployed in Election offices, 49 Election Inspectors and 9126 police personnel deployed for conduct of elections. Rs 24,68,05,238 was spent on printing and distribution of election metarials like pamphlets, voting slips etc. This includes Rs 9,99,37,270 spent on election printed materials used in polling stations. Rs13,24,48,492 was spent on erecting tents. Rs 27,35,737 was spent on transportation of EVM machines and other electoral materials. Rs 29,62,235 was spent on computers and other materials. Rs 80 was spent on marker pens. Rs 6,57,97,203 was spent on vehicles needed. Rs 15,02,480 for training purposes. Rs 2,92,05,129 for creating public awareness on election participation. Rs 36,38,000 was reconstitution of ward boundaries. Enforcement of Code of conduct cost Rs 15,10,78,653. Rs 4,49,99,065 for office expenses, voting slips cost Rs 61,73,362, and expense of Rs 20,00,000 was incurred due to compensation for any injuries or death occurred during duty and other expenses of Rs 84,79,610 was incurred. Rs 2,05,58,754 was paid to the State Election Commission,” the RTI reply stated.

It further added, “A total of 91,80,550 voters participated in the voting process, bringing the cost of Rs 79.46 per person.”

In a statement, Galgali expressed that, Rs 3.54 crores was incurred on voting publicity and distributing voting slips and yet most of the voters couldn't receive details of their polling stations properly. Galgali suggested that informing voters by SMS would be a better solution in future.