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Youth robbed of their right to dream of prosperous future under BJP-PDP rule: Bhalla

State Times 2018-11-07 00:09:34

JAMMU: Former Minister and senior Congress leader Raman Bhalla on Tuesday claimed that after the formation of the BJP-PDP Coalition Government, the unemployed Jammu youth continue to bear the brunt of the most discriminatory agenda of their rule in the form of their near obliteration in various selection lists issued during their tenure.
This was observed by Bhalla while addressing Jammu Bhalla Warriors in a programme organised by Sanjay Sharma, Aman Bawa, AP Singh Lucky and Ripoonjeet Singh.
Bhalla alleged that BJP leadership betrayed the educated unemployed youth from Jammu region. He said that BJP has always exploited the sentiments of youth by making false promises every time particularly during elections but practically they did nothing. Even after more than three years in the State and more than four and half years in the Centre after attaining power, their real face stood exposed, he added.
Bhalla strongly criticised the employment policy and showed deep concern over the employment policy adopted by the BJP-PDP Government which is totally against the interest of educated unemployed youth especially from Jammu.
“This policy leads harassment and ultimately exploitation of educated youth and serves no propose. As the unemployed youth are already suffering a lot due to the militancy and disturbance in the State for more than two decades, this is a mockery with the youth to engage them temporarily for seven years both in Gazetted and Non- Gazetted cadre,” he added.
Bhalla said the youth is feeling cheated as promises made to them were either broken or unapologetically abandoned. “The same promises were then bartered without any inhibitions for personal and familial political empowerment of a few people while our hardworking, honest and sincere young men and women were let down and left to the mercy of uncertainty and turmoil,” he said.
Bhalla said that the politico-administrative situation was fluid due to reactionary politics pursued by the BJP that resulted in performance deficit on governance front besides instability and mistrust on political front. He hoped that the people will see through the BJP’s game-plan of whipping up passions as a diversionary tactic from administrative failure.
“Unemployment is a huge challenge for the State and this problem contributes to the political uncertainty and unrest. Instead of taking concrete steps to provide means of livelihood to people, the previous BJP PDP Government has neglected it completely. The comprehensive development process initiated by the previous Congress led government in all the three regions of the State has been brought to a grinding halt by the PDP-BJP Government,” he said.
Coming down heavily on the BJP for betraying people’s mandate and virtually leaving them in lurch, Bhalla said the slogans of change and ‘Ache Din’ have proven hoax and the coalition partners had reneged on every single statement and promise they made during elections.