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Chinese audience has phenomenal love, respect for Indian actors: Rani Mukerji

Afternoon Voice 2018-11-06 17:47:38

Rani Mukerji said that she knew that Indian films were popular in China but it was still a surprise to witness the love and respect the audiences have for Bollywood stars when she visited the country to promote “Hichki”.

In “Hichki”, Rani played the role of a teacher who suffers from Tourette syndrome, a neurological disorder that causes involuntary vocalisations.

The film, which released in India in March this year, is currently doing well in theatres in China and the actor was on a multi-city tour to promote the movie there. The film has earned over Rs 150 crore at the Chinese box office.

Rani said it was phenomenal to see people connect to the story the way an Indian audience would do.

“They understood each and every emotion of the film. They knew about the film, they had seen the film so there was a lot of positivity everywhere I went. It was surprising because I knew that Indian films are popular but to what degree, I found it when I went there,” Rani told agencies in an interview.

The actor said that she decided to be a part of the promotions in China because she wanted to witness the love first hand and it has been an enriching experience for her.

Rani said “Hichki” has been a special film for her because it was her first film after the birth of her daughter, Adira.

The actor believes Indian films do well in China because the two neighbours share a lot of cultural similarities.

“The language of cinema and emotions is universal. When you make a film which is about human emotions, it kind of clicks in any part of the world and I guess ‘Hichki’ doing that consolidates the fact. It makes you believe in good content, good cinema and also makes you believe that if you back a project which has heart and soul, there will always be an audience somewhere who will appreciate it,” Rani said.