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Maya S Krishnan accused of sexual abuse, actor denies allegation

Indian Express 2018-11-01 18:31:47

Maya S Krishnan has issued a statement, denying allegations made against her.

Ananya Ramaprasad, a member of Indian theatre company The Little Theatre, has accused actor Maya S Krishnan of abusing her both emotionally and physically.

Ananya said she was 18 when she first met a 25-year-old Maya during a production of a play in 2016. The mentor-mentee relationship soon turned into a nightmare.

“She took control of my life and slowly cut out all my friends (friends I have had since school). It wasn’t as simple as her ordering me to stop talking to someone (although that happened as well), she also started spreading lies about my friends to me, about me to them and manipulated me into hating and resenting them,” Ananya wrote in a Facebook post.

“At some point she completely took over my life and I was manipulated into a sexual relationship,” she further alleged.

Maya S Krishnan has issued a statement, denying the allegations made against her. “The account has manipulated the facts of the incident to make me look like the abuser, which is not the case. I am open to assisting and answering all questions and will be entirely cooperative with the legal authorities, and the actions they are taking to unearth the truth. I have already filed a case against my abuser and the organisation that named and defamed me, and inquiries are underway by the police, as of October 17th 2018. Ananya’s post, defaming me has also been brought to the notice of the officers and authorities who are investigating my case,” she said.