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This food museum features everything for penis wine to fermented shark

ANI NEWS 2018-11-01 16:54:00

Washington DC, [USA] Nov 1 (ANI): If you think museums are boring, here's one you might want to visit. However, if you have sensitive taste buds and a weak stomach, you might want to stay away.
This museum in Sweden is home to some of the most disguising delicacies from all over the world. And just to give you an idea, this place showcases everything from bull penises to fried tarantula.
But, food is food. And who are we to judge? What one culture finds tasty, others might find disgusting. And according to CNN, that was exactly the idea behind this new 'Disgusting Food Museum' that is set to open in Malmo, Sweden.
Dr. Samuel West, the founder of the museum, said, "What we find disgusting has to be learned - it's purely cultural," reported CNN.
There is something for everybody in this museum. If you are a wine enthusiast, and dream of traveling around the world just to taste every exotic whine there is, think again. This museum serves a special kind of wine called 'Three Penis Wine,' made from penises of deer, seal and Cantonese black dog.

The museum features a dish called Fried Tarantula, Tarantula is a species of spiders. Fermented is another food item that is displayed here.

We all have that one Bear Grylls in our lives who claims that nothing is off-limits when it comes to food. This museum can be the perfect challenge for that person. (ANI)