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Daredevil Mustafa Danger Crosses 150 Meters at Santiago in Chile on Tightrope, Watch Video

Latestly 2018-10-11 20:27:00

Mustafa Danger attempting the stunt (Photo credits: YouTube video)

Mustafa Danger a renowned funambulist (tightrope walker) from Morocco performed his first stunt performance in America, by covering almost 150 meters in less than 5 minutes. He walked on a tight-rope, more like a steel cable between two buildings in the center of Santiago in Chile and at a height of 50 feet! He performed the stunt in front of Palacio de la Moneda (Government House) on October 10. Daredevil Instagrammer Jackson Coe Died After Falling From a Six-Storey Apartment in New York. 

Mustafa Danguir has his artistic name 'Danger', he has been walking the tightropes for nearly 30 years and has several world records to his name. He has broken other Guinness World Records too. This was the first time he performed in Latin America and proved to be a major attraction of the "Guardians of the Woods" event. The event highlights the problems faced by the planet and creates awareness about environmental preservation. Not only walking, but Danger is known to be dancing and jumping on the wires too.

Watch Video of Daredevil Mustafa Danger Walking the Tightrope in Santiago, Chile

People underneath watched the stunt wide mouthed and tried to capture his feat. He completed the entire distance in less than five minutes leaving people astounded. Mustafa has worked with the famous Ringling Bros and now plans to promote the oncoming circus in Santiago. He started his training when he was just 11-years-old. Talking about his skills he was quoted, "With a lot of patience, and knowing that you have Guinness records and that you are the best, you're able to eliminate the fear." He tackles with his fear of falling with self-confidence.