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Maulvi forces husband for halala with his wife

India TV News 2018-10-09 22:56:03

Maulvi forces husband for halala with his wife              (Representational Image)

Maulvi forces husband for halala with his wife              (Representational Image)

Customs like triple talaq and halala have always been debatable topics all across the nation. 

Triple talaq is a form of divorce that was practiced in India, whereby a Muslim man could divorce his wife by pronouncing talaq three times.

Khushbuddin Khan, a man from Bahraich district of Uttar Pradesh was pressurized for halala with his wife by the Maulvi. 

After the man divorced her wife in rage, he again wanted to accept her. The people of the society boycotted him for this act and even threatened him to leave the village.

The villagers protested and denied to bury his child who died two days ago. 

Khushbuddin Khan had divorced his wife three years ago but were living together after few days of divorce.

Now the villagers and Maulvi are forcing his wife for halala, if he wants to settle down with her again. 

They are being threatened to leave the village and go some where else.

He is told that if he doesn't follow Shariyat, all his property would be seized and his wife and children would be made captive.

The man has pleaded to the District Magistrate for his help.