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Nothing is in our hands: Trivikram On Aravinda Sametha 2018-10-09 14:28:15

After delivering a blockbuster like Athharintiki Daaredhi, fans of Pawan Kalyan and Trivikram did not expect an Agnyathavasi, which was a disaster at the box office.

Again, after nine long months, he is back with Aravinda Sametha. The film is releasing on Friday and the director this time, looks much confident about the film. But as usual, his answers at this interview were much confusing as well as interesting too.

Twenty years of career and ten films as director, How do you look at this track record?

Has it been twenty years? So surprising it is then. But actually, I don't like remembering those dates as it is nothing but something that indicates us that we haven't done anything bigger. I think I am meeting the requirements of the audience and that's enough for me.

Do you think Aravinda Sametha will meet audience's expectations?

I really cannot assure. There is no guarantee that they will like it. At the same time, its fair on my part to say that they may not also. Nothing is in our hands. We have to just go with the flow. Though they like it or not, we have nothing to do. We have to accept the reality around us.

Why was Anirudh replaced by Thaman?

I went and told Anirduh that may be we both should take a break so that he understands what Telugu music is. On the other hand, I want something new to dig up myself within. So I chose Thaman as I thought that I haven't worked with him before and felt that he could deliver something better. And like you see, he did it. What has to happen, will happen.

Your friend PK is in politics. Do you help him in anything?

We are just good friends and I have nothing to do about his political career. He doesn't even tell his siblings or mother about what he is doing. All of them have to read in the newspaper next day, just like how I too do. We are just good friends from a decade.