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Mass Exodus Of Bihari Migrants From Gujarat After Rape Incident Of Minor

SocialPost EN 2018-10-08 17:50:03

After the rape of a 14-month-old minor by a Bihari Migrant labour tension has gripped Gujarat and thousands of migrants from North India started to leave the state amidst the spate of violence.

Reacting to the mass exodus Sanjay Nirupam of Congress said that North Indians are being targeted in PM Modi ’s Gujarat. But Modi must remember that the day is not far when he will have to go to seek votes in Benaras. His reaction came in the backdrop of the next general election in the next year giving its political twist.

Expressing his deep concern Bihar CM Nitish Kumar said to reporters that Kumar told reporters that if an individual commits a crime he should be punished severely.

Why the entire community is made a scapegoat of the crime and entire people should not be generalized and hold a grouse against an entire state. People from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh have been targeted by locals people following the incident in Gujarat’s Sabarkantha district on September 28.

Kumar further said that he has talked to Gujarat CM and chief secretary and director general of police of Bihar are in touch with their counterparts in Gujarat.

After the incident, hate messages flooded on the social media against the people of North India. As per the report, Police have so far arrested 342 people from different parts of Gujarat for attacking people of North India.

JD(U) leaders blamed the Congress for trying to spread hatred and distrust amongst the people. In a two-page open letter to Congress, president Rahul Gandhi JD(U) blamed the Congress Party for the violence against Biharis.

Migrant workers who work as a street vendor selling panipuri, pav bhaji, babeli or chhole kulcha food in their stalls have been targeted. After the incidents, most of these migrants workers have vanished and streets of towns in Gujarat have become empty. With their belongings, they have stormed to the railway station to take a train back to Bihar and UP.